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Wanderer Fanzine out tomorrow!


Issue 118 of The Wanderer will be out tomorrow - weather permitting - and will be on sale from the WWISC stand prior to the game against Bristol Rovers. Free to WWISC members or ยฃ1.50, for 56 pages of Wanderers wit and wisdom.

We have an interview with Pete Couhig, hear from FSA Fair Cop lawyer Amanda Jacks and show our support for Football v Homophobia. Will Collins inducts Sam Wood into our 'Cult Heroes' hall of fame, we hear from US 'Soccer Expert' Marty O. Neil and The Reverend Nathan Jones, formerly of St Kenilworths, makes a welcome return.

Please be aware that if the weather is sufficiently bad, selling will be suspended to the next Saturday home game.

Enjoy the fanzine, enjoy the game and enjoy your weekend.



  • Now that I can't park in your brilliant spaces and get the fanzine as well. Where are you or where is the WWISC stand? I guess I should join....!

  • Hi @ValleyWanderer. The WWISC table is on the left hand side as you approach the ground, about 100 yards before you reach the AP gates. Itโ€™s in between the two Origin buildings in what was the Righton car park (but may have a new name now since changing hands).

  • Will it still be on sale on Tuesday, or the next Saturday home game?

  • Glad you enjoyed it @Wendoverman!
    @OnOurWay I donโ€™t know about Tuesday to be honest, but it will definitely be on sale again next Saturday home game.

  • Do you still live a good few hours away Jonny?
    And still make all the Saturday games?

    Great effort if so.

  • @OnOurWay Ok, the fanzine wonโ€™t be on sale from the WWISC table on Tuesday, but (WWISC co-Chair) Teresa Slevin will have some in the Caledonian Suite from about 7pm. If you donโ€™t know Teresa, ask at the Trust table and someone will point her out to you. (Sheโ€™s usually by the window, by the top table under the TV.)

    Otherwise, they will be on sale drom the WWISC table the next Saturday home game, (v Tranmere on 22nd Feb) although as ever this is weather permitting.

  • @Malone Iโ€™m still in Devon, but come up when I can. I donโ€™t make every Saturday though, in fact due to various factors I do well to make >10 games a season these days unfortunately. A lack of South West away games this season hasnโ€™t helped on that front.

    Hopefully going to be at Bolton though, so hopefully see you all up there.

  • I understand Teresa will also be taking some copies to Bolton, so anyone wanting a copy then can come to the WWISC coach (Angel Travel) after the game and pick one up.

  • OK thanks that's v helpful!

  • Thank you to everyone who stopped by to pick up a copy of the latest edition on Saturday. We really appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed the issue.

    Didnโ€™t get one? Donโ€™t worry, thereโ€™ll be more on sale for the home game vs Tranmere on Saturday 22nd February.

    Although the @WWISC table wonโ€™t be out for tonightโ€™s match, some committee members will have a small batch with them in the Caledonian Suite before the game. If you donโ€™t know them, just ask someone at the Trust table to point out Teresa.

    Thereโ€™ll also be a batch going up to Bolton this weekend - just head to the @WWISC1994 coach (Angel Travel) after the game.

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