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    A decent idea in principle, but I think the current 50-50 gate receipt split would have to change and be weighted in favour of the lower-ranked club. Absolutely disagree with the idea of making the lower division side play at home, though, as that robs them of the chance of a game at a big ground and the potential to make more money from the tie. Inevitable that replays will go - as we're already seeing with their removal from the fifth round onwards - but the financial aspect HAS to be got right, and I'm not sure anyone trusts that it will be.

  • Selhurst Park was the greatest night of all time

    No chance on earth we should throw away the chance of that ever happening again because a few footballers are whinging


  • See also: Filbert St and White Hart Lane

    It's one of the worst ideas of all time

  • Did I read the part where they argued that lower league clubs play for a draw to get a replay and say it was for financial gain and not the memories they create.
    A horrible idea. Bring back multiple replays.

  • Champions league place for the cup winners and multiple replays. Give the cup the respect it deserves and don’t bow down to the Premier elite. The FA need to stand up more strongly for principles and tradition in my view.

  • I have always felt that domestic cup matches of any sort should be decided by one game only. However if the Mickey Mouse cup has rules about how many first choice players you must play then why not the FA Cup. Also the League cup should only be open to PL clubs not in Europe which would give a greater mix of winners

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    You'll never please everyone.
    You'll get some fans who still want infinite replays, even though pretty much everyone in the game would hate that. They're probably the sort of fans who hate that we're in the league now, and miss the change ends/no sponsors/sheer amateurism of the depths of non league.

    Then you'll get your younger fans who would probably scrap replays altogether.

    I'm in the middle, and think how it is now is spot on. Replays, first 4 rounds, then scrapped. Cutting off that hope of a big replay against a star draw would kill a lot of the little excitement left - but most of these will be round 3 or 4.

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