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1st time - 6 league pts against them? : franchise (a) Crowd speculation - Match 29 - Sat 1st Feb 20



  • After much thought and deliberation and no knowledge of how many we have sold, I now go:

    9712 with 1101 looking for a 6 point total over the season from the fast fries of football.

    Weather looks good for February.

  • 10000 with 1000 away.

  • 8999 including 888 us

  • 9888 including 988 original Bucks EFL supporters (or is it Bucks original EFL supporters).

  • 10,768 with 1,180 Chairboys.

  • Had sold well over 1000 by Tues......

  • 10400 with 1345 away.

  • 10,500 including 1450 Wanderers.

  • Thanks @bigred87 - Do the hallowed 'allowed to covert non fans into fans' rule comes into play and I now say 9712 with 1714 fans of a real football team. We could give the team a real reception with those numbers.

    Would call for a chorus of "Come and join us, come and join us, come and join our happy throng. Come and join us, come and join us, come and watch us in League One." (Championship doesn't scan, but ... watch us
    play West Brom .... does!)

    Anyone can alter their prediction change opposition fans to Wycombe fans so long as the total remains the same.

  • Amemded to 8999 including 1444 us.

  • edited January 2020

    Changed for you @mooneyman - 556 (who maybe live near Aylesbury) converted in one go - good work.

    Just six predictions in so far:

    Average for Total Crowd: 10038
    Average for Away Crowd 1303

    I suspect that the numbers for the Light and Dark Blue will grow all the way in the run up to the game.

    So long as it is to just to convert other persons into Wycombe fans you are allowed as many changes as you like.

    I can leave home late for this one, living on the other side of the roundabouts, so the last update before the game will be probably be at around 12:30 tomorrow.

  • 11,111 total with 1,411 Chairboys and girls

  • 11953 with 1481 Rightfully claiming the county Is ours.

  • 10301 with 1688 away

  • 10,122 with 1,432 away

  • 10273, with 1760 in the away end.

  • 9,937 with 1749 Chairboys

  • 9123 with 1667, thanks!

  • 9876 with 1234

  • 9519 including 1398 real Bucks boys/girls.

  • 10,425 including 1,367 away

  • 9777 with 1250 chairboys

  • 10367, 1408 blues

  • I fear I might be missing something.
    8428 with 1236 old bucks boys.

  • 10256 with 1655 wycombe

  • 10669 (1669 away)

  • 22 predictions are in:

    Average for Total Crowd: 10109
    Average for Away Crowd 1433

    "Your ground's to good for you" and "Your ground's to big for you" as well as "The County is Ours!" - and I guess JJ's song will be aired at their empty seats.

    I think the players deserve all the support we can give today for what they have achieved so far this season.

    I know some will think it is compromised principles - I will make a small gesture and not put any extra money in their immoral pockets - pork pie from home and arriving early enough to park on the industrial estate rather than pay a very pricey £7 for their car park at the ground.

    Chairboys! Hopefully we can sing "Three - Two to the Football Club" at the beginning and at the end.

  • @DevC said:
    I fear I might be missing something.
    8428 with 1236 old bucks boys.

    1500-2000 fans perhaps, Dev?!

  • 10850 with 1450 Chairboys

  • 9600 including 1000 Wycombe

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