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No Cash for Cash

Plenty of newspaper talk this week surrounding Nottingham Forest’s Matty Cash - son of former Chairboy left back Stuart.

West Ham, Everton and even AC Milan all believed to be in the hunt with a potential fee of £18m being suggested.

Difficult not to wince at that given Wycombe let him go at 14, before moving on to the FAB Academy at Bisham and then Forest.

It happens. And more often than not in recent years we’ve been the beneficiaries of other clubs letting players go who have got plenty to offer.

Would be interested to understand though whether he was released on his perceived ability or just because the youth scheme was closed down. Anyone know?


  • Cash would have been 15 at the time of the trust takeover and 16 when the youth system was closed.

  • no He wasn’t. Bad maths.

    Left in the year the youth system closed. Must be highly likely he left as a result of the closure.

  • In his interview on the ringing the blues podcast Richard Dobson said that the group of youngsters coming through after the likes of Ingram, Hause, Stewart, Harris etc were better than they were

  • Wonder if he has anything to do with Bill Cash?

  • Cash has come on brilliantly at Forest. I understand FAB academy sent him on trial to the reds and he was invited to join the Forest academy. I never thought he would make it as first choice right back as I saw him play wing back a couple of years ago against Fulham and he was caught out of position several times. He is a good learner as now he is a superb marauding right back in the Grimmer/McCarthy mould... not as strong as either of them, but I suspect a lot faster.

  • The Forest Academy is situated on my old school’s playing field where we used to play our school football. It’s got a large indoor facility and superb pitches etc. it will be better than the Wycombe training ground and it’s just for the Academy.

  • I saw an interview once and he said we released as he was a bit lightweight or something along those lines

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