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L1 needs professional referees NOW



  • @micra The longest he's gone without one this season is four games, so he'll be champing at the bit to get it out on Saturday.

  • @chairboyscentral, not to mention showing a few cards ...

  • @Twizz I thought I'd gone safe enough with 'get' instead of 'whip' ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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    @chairboyscentral said:

    Even if that was the case, it will be the same team of officials. All the more reason to come flying out of the traps and wrap it up before half-time! I think 3-0+ is perfectly doable against a team Gaz will respect as always but know we're much better than.

    You really should know better than this. You've been supporting us long enough to realise that we never do what you would expect us to (apart from lose to Coventry).

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    Fine, *we're gonna lose 5-0

  • And we need VAR to make sure they always get it right like what they do in the Premier League.

  • How will the controversy over his last performance in charge of a Wycombe match affect his calls this time around. I would suggest that he should be more conservative to avoid influencing the result as much as last time but I guess it depends on whether or not he believes he was mistaken on that call.
    Hopefully he has been putting some training time into watching well reffed matches where the man in the middle avoids going all in on a dubious hand (movement). It will be really nice if we can digest the football played this evening rather than decisions made.

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    @NorsQuarters "the football played this evening"? How much time-wasting are we planning on doing?!

  • "This evening" related to "digest[ing] the match" rather than an American Football style four hour extravaganza!

  • @NorsQuarters said:
    "This evening" related to "digest[ing] the match" rather than an American Football style four hour extravaganza!

    We all hope

  • Listen, for me a Wycombe match is always at least a four hour extravaganza. I want to stay at AP for 8 hours on a matchday yet it seems many want to leave early just to skip traffic on the way out. The Village and food offers are a great start to prolong the AP experience. Perhaps potential WWFC regulars are not quite up for tailgate parties - not a lot of pickup trucks in the area tbf - but some ______ to get sustainable numbers enjoying more of their time in all four sides of AP. Call it what you like, let's get AP rockin!

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