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  • Thank you. You might want to check the Parker statistics section though, which currently shows that his number of passes completed (17) was greater than his total number of passes in the match (15).

  • @Uncle_T Good spot, cheers!

  • Must have missed the Man U left back moving to a central midfield role for Rochdale! You mean Jordan 'MJ' Williams rather than Brandon.

    Any idea what the xG was for the first 2 goals? I presume on the face of it Rochdale's goal would have been really high, given it was effectively a shot from about 8 yards out, in the centre of the goal with the keeper out of position? Not necessarily a good indicator of the defence's performance in conceding high quality chances though.

    Similarly I presume McCarthy's goal produced a really low xG since it was from a very tight angle with the keeper in ideal position and loads of covering defenders in the box?

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    @Croider Dammit, I kept making that mistake when writing the preview.

    I don't know about exact figures, but I suspect theirs would come out higher than average. I suppose there was an element of sloppiness from Allsop - even though he'd get away with that 99 times out of 100 - which you could say contributed say to a weaker overall defensive performance than we've come to expect. Just from memory, there was one where Calvin Andrew had a free header from about a yard out from a corner.

    McCarthy's goal would have had a very low xG - he's not claiming that as a shot! If I can justify the cost, I might pay for something which will give me access to individual figures next season, but the team total is easy enough to come by and something I like to use as a guide.

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