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  • Talking of previews-and I would add my name to those praising Chairboyscentral’s contributions to this forum-has anyone noticed the decline in standard of Wycombe’s coverage in the BFP? We’ve gone from the excellent reports and interviews written by Nick (can’t remember his surname) to superficial previews riddled with errors and match reports that look as though they’ve been written by an agency.

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    @glasshalffull It's awful. I don't think they've sent a reporter to an away game since AFC Wimbledon in August, and Holmer Green had about twice as much coverage as us in last Friday's paper (no disrespect to any non-League team, but Wycombe warrant most coverage, not least during a season like this). It sounds like they've cut back and the quality of journalism is suffering as a result, not just in sport but in all departments.

  • BFP is, like most local print media these days, owned by Newsquest, who are dying on their arse. If they're anything like my local paper, The Oxford Mail, they've probably got about 4 actual reporters covering everything.

    Wonder if it's worth a regular travelling fan offering their services? I doubt you'd be paid but there might be free match tickets in it.

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    I've emailed the editor on a couple of occasions and heard nothing back - they don't seem that bothered about the club.

  • Perhaps we can start a gasroom campaign with letters and emails to the editor about declining WW coverage?
    Nothing too aggressive, just politely pointing out that a lot of people buy the BFP solely or mainly for WW stories.

  • I don't subscribe, but does The Athletic have a dedicated Wycombe reporter?

  • @MindlessDrugHoover Not at the moment they don't, but I did email them about that as well haha (a very long shot!).

  • Yes, thought your style would suit them better than the BFP.

  • This thread reminds me how much I miss the excellent ‘Vital’ match reports hi n the Gasroom and the healthy debate re player performance scores.

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  • Would people be interested in match reports from a fan perspective? I don't really have time to do them myself, but I was thinking of maybe getting a different 'guest reporter' every week or something.

  • To be honest, even speaking as someone who can never get to games, i'm far more interested in match analysis than i am in fan match reports.

    I can read that player a kicked it to player b who kicked it in the goal on the official site, i enjoy the different approach you take.

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    Yeah, I sort of thought pure match reports are available on the official club website if people want them, but I know Vital took more of an 'unfiltered' approach. Personally, I'm less interested in what happens and more why it does.

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