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Fort William FC

There's always someone worse off than you. Britains worst football team have been enjoying marginally better results this season when they can manage to play. Bad weather has meant they haven't played a home game since October. Apparently their home game this weekend is in serious doubt The condition of the pitch is not helped by the local stags straying onto the pitch even during training.! It's tough at the bottom.


  • I've been up to Claggan Park and although the ground itself - a council owned pitch next to an electricity substation - is nothing to phone home about, it is a beautiful setting with a view right across the Nevis range. A BBC Scotland documentary last year about their 2 years without a win has made them a bit of a trendy cause celebre but at heart they're a great community club fighting to survive against the odds. Would love to visit again but it's a hell of a trek.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover I too follow them and always look up their results. I was delighted to see their ground last year when I went up to climb Ben Nevis. I would love to attend a match but ,as you say, it's a hell of a trek. Great community club though.

  • Seriously, those photos don't do justice to the view from the seated areas of the ground. On a clear day you can see right across the mountains. When we were there it rained, snowed, was sunny and cloudy and there was a rainbow. Lots of lovely people doing everything they could for their local club. Fantastic place.

  • Unfortunately their home game tommorrow is off Serious fixture congestion looms. Sounds like they need a 3G / 4G up there.

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