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Anyone prefer 2pm kick-offs in winter?

On Sunday I went to watch Watford v Man United at Vicarage Road in the Premier League. As it was a televised game on Sky the kick-off had been moved to 2pm.

Walking away from the ground afterwards it was still light and easier to negotiate the narrow streets and alleyways back to the station. However, it did make me think would it be better to standardise kick-offs to 2pm from November to February?

From a safety viewpoint it would be easier for pedestrians to leave Adams Park in the daylight. We change the colour of match balls in the winter so why not play the games an hour earlier?


  • Yeah, I like that idea too. Means I could walk back to my car through the woods rather than be part of the post match throng down Hillbottom Road.

  • Nope. Keeping stupid marketing gimmicks out of football.

  • Just change daylight saving time rather than kick off time

  • Morning school run in the dark? No thanks.

  • Aren’t your kids too old for that now @micra ?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Nope. Keeping stupid marketing gimmicks out of football.

    I’m not sure you know what marketing is.

  • No to 2pm starts for me.....would mean getting down the Vere at 11.30am on a match day...way too early. 3pm will do fine.

  • Interesting idea and worth consideration.
    But as we see in the premier league if you start messing with kick off times there's no end.

    Remember that on digital away game at Huddersfield. 615 Sunday was it?

  • @bookertease said:
    Aren’t your kids too old for that now @micra ?

    Obviously there's still life in the old dog!

  • I have thought this was an idea worth consideration for some time I agree it would be nice to leave in daylight and also in this era of climate emergency there is a saving on lighting. Most days you could play the game without needing floodlights. The only minus is that the TV companies would make the lunchtime game an 11.30 start meaning travelling fans tomthosecgames face an early start.

  • Righty is the new Dev

  • I must admit I can see advantages is starting at 2 in winter (although I think I’d prefer to scrap moving the clocks back and forwards). A lot to be said for finishing in daylight (or at least with a fighting chance of it). I do know of at least two falls and injuries to away fans walking back in the dark so could be safer.

    And I may get back home at a reasonable civilised hour.

  • @micra said:
    Morning school run in the dark? No thanks.

    @bookertease said:
    Aren’t your kids too old for that now @micra ?

    Even the grandchildren are too old for school @bookertease but I occasionally drive locally around 8.30 in the morning and darkness would simply add to congestion and delays but I was thinking more about the mums and dads doing the school runs and the increased vulnerability of pedestrians (children and adults) than my own situation.

    But my comments presuppose that the UK will move in line with proposed EU legislation requiring governments to stop clock-changing and to opt either for permanent summer time by changing their clocks for the last time on the last Sunday in March 2021 or permanent winter time by adjusting their clocks for the last time on the last Sunday of October 2021. The former would best suit those who want to leave games in relative daylight but don’t want the inconvenience (to them) of a 2pm kickoff. The first football season to be affected would be 2021/22 and in the Premier League we will have to come to terms with all sorts of different kickoff times.

  • In the good old, bad old days of pre-floodlight football at Loakes Park, moving the Saturday kickoff times was normal, and a necessity. As the season progressed towards Christmas the kick-off times were moved from 3pm to 2.45, to 2.30 to 2.15. Then in the new year the time moved progressively back to 3pm. There is nothing new or marketing gimmicky about this idea. It used to be nothing other than practicality.

  • Remember those sequences only too well @bluenotes, together with “double summer time” for a number of years following the war when the clocks were put back/forward an hour twice in relatively quick succession.

  • Still happens with Berks and Bucks county cup fixtures as the grounds generally have no floodights. Traditionally an afternoon kick off at all ages including youth fixtures, the kick off times get earlier as we head to Xmas. I referee a few of these.

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