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Preview: Portsmouth v Wycombe

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A shorter one, apologies to anyone who was planning on spending Christmas Day reading in depth about how Kenny Jackett has steadied the Pompey ship and how we might sink it ?


  • We are in for a bit of a pasting I think. I hope I’m wrong....

  • @MBS said:
    We are in for a bit of a pasting I think. I hope I’m wrong....

    I hope you're wrong as well.

  • They're in much better shape and were superb against Ipswich from what I've heard, but they did suffer a pasting of their own at Accrington the week before. I'm quietly confident of a draw. Pitman has gone a whole game without scoring against us, though!

  • Just had a quick look at their forum, they seem to be very unhappy with Kenny Jackett so perhaps all is not well within the camp...but amid all the usual Wycombe are a terrible outfit/How can they be top/Shows what an awful league this is/Dark arts and Akinfenwa is just a fat **** I found this little gem -
    'If you don't appreciate Akinfenwa's effect on a game and can't see past his size then perhaps a football forum isn't quite the right place for you..'

  • @Wendoverman See the Opposition View for a very 'impassioned' assessment of the state of things.

  • Pompey were rubbish back in September as I recall, nothing to fear and we are after all sitting on the top of the league one Christmas tree on Christmas Day. 2-1 Wycombe.

    COYB Ho Ho Ho

  • @MBS said:
    We are in for a bit of a pasting I think. I hope I’m wrong....

    Why do you think we’re in for a pasting? The league table suggests that there’s no cause for pessimism.

  • Even before the sending off Saturday we looked so inept we looked league's apart, although we done very well in the second half... im hoping it was just a blip as apart from the Rochdale game at home the next 5weeks look insanely tuff for us and could be very telling... a lot of teams seem to be finding there form and the 7 point gap could soon disappear..... nice positive post on xmas day apologises

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    I wouldn't say we looked inept, but the strange decision to start with a diamond - without he personnel to make it work - backfired against probably the best team we've faced this season. The games before Rochdale aren't as tough as some people are making out. Let's get a point tomorrow and then make the home double-header one to remember!

  • Sounds like a plan @chairboyscentral coyb!!!!!

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