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iPlayer fame v Portsmouth - Can you watch at a later time?

I was at college in Pompey and so this was the first fixture I checked out last June for an enjoyable away trip. Sadly it coincides with my mother's 90th birthday celebrations, now arranged for 2.30 start that day. If I buy an iPlayer pass, can I watch the recording 'on demand' or is it only available to watch live at 3.00?


  • Should be 'game', not 'fame'!

  • I'm pretty sure you can watch it back later. You definitely can with a monthly subscription so don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to when you've paid a tenner for the game. Email [email protected] and they're usually pretty quick to get back with an answer.

  • Actually, if you're not able to watch the game live, just get a monthly subscription (4.99 a month I think), watch the game back then cancel the subscription.

  • Hang on, run that past me again.
    I already subscribe to ifollow on a lump sum yearly basis (which allows access to listen on-line and then to see the Club's own video interviews and extended highlights etc.). What is it you are referring to that can be subscribed to for a month and then cancelled?

  • You should be able to access the full match replay with the subscription you have. Not sure about the lump sum, but I've only been paying monthly for the same things - and I've got access to the full replays.

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    Just double checked and I have the same as you but paid monthly - you can pay monthly or yearly.

  • Yes you can. You click 'matches' at the bottom and then 'results' I think. There should be a full replay option. This is using the android app so may be different on your device.

    Worth noting that there is a setting to stop ifollow showing scores on the results page so you can watch without knowing the result. But you have to avoid seeing the 'homepage' somehow ads the headlines on the interviews etc. normally give it away. Ive been using this feature regularly.

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