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Monday night trivia

Can anyone name the chap we signed who was on the winning side on his debut, his next six league appearences also saw straight wins, his 8th league game ended in defeat, and he never pulled on a Wanderers shirt again ??



  • Marcello Trotta?

  • Paul Hackett

  • No this chap started all 8 league games, unlike Mr Hacket.

  • Peter Johnson

  • Correct Mr LX, the permed haired left back made his debut in March 1992 in the 2-1 home win v Boston, we win the next six league games on the bounce,before Johnson was taken off at the 3-1 defeat at Macclesfield, never to be seen again.
    @Right_in_the_Middle Simon Broome ??
    I remember Brian Broome, whom was signed from Farnborough by Paul Bence with a supposedly good reputation as a goalscoring midfielder. Played three league games (lost two,drew one) and departed back to Cherrywood rd.

  • I was going to guess a certain other player, who was wrong anyway, but this player made just 8 league appearances for us over a period of 4 to 5 months, and we won 7 and lost 1 of those matches with him in the side, and scored 26 goals and conceded only 3 in the process. Any guesses?

  • Jon Deakin ?

  • No, quite a bit earlier than that.

  • I recall a player called Barry Davies whom Brian Lee signed in 1972. We were the reigning Isthmian League champions and won our opening 6 games that season I believe Davies played in all those games but then we lost the next two he played in those as well For the next game which must have been at home we arrived to see him walking out of the ground at 2.30 carrying his kit bag. We later learned he had been named on the bench (only one sub in those days so you had a good chance of getting on ) refused and was immediately dismissed. Went back from whence he came which I think was Leatherhead a good team back then.

  • I remember Barry Davies but it's not him. Roughly the same era though.

  • I remember Bobby Davies from around the same time... (full back)

  • Yes both a Bobby and Barry Davies played in the 70s but at different times i think

  • Micky Mellows ?

  • On Discovering Micky Mellows record, I came across an amazing statistic.
    We signed a player whose first fifteen league appearances resulted in straight wins ?
    Any guesses ?

  • Is it during the O'Neill era?

  • He played under Martin O'Neill, Its not Kim Casey !!

  • Dennis Greene?

  • Not Dennis im afraid ?

  • I'm thinking it's got to be someone that signed the season we lost out on goal difference to Col U. That season and the following one we went on some unbelievable runs of victories

    Mickey Nuttell?

  • actually he signed the season before, when we won the trophy

  • Sorry not Mary Nuttell, read my replies precisely as you maybe narrowing your options.

  • Ah, I see

    Played under Kelman and O'Neill then?

    Steve Guppy?

  • You guys have remarkable powers of recall. I’ve heard of most of the players mentioned but wouldn’t have a clue as to when they played, how many times or whether they were involved in long winning or losing streaks. Amazing.

  • to be honest Micra, ask me anything from around the O'Neill era and I'm pretty good.

    Anything in the last 10 or 12 years though, I'd be hopeless. I was absolutely obsessed with Wycombe back then. And I was lucky enough that those early to late teenage years were during one of the most magical periods in the club's history.

    It must be the same for kids who are growing up watching Wycombe now.

  • Chuck Moussadik? did he even play 15 games?

  • @ChasHarps Micky Mellows is correct. Joined along with Derek Gamblin, IIRC, from the mighty Winchester City!

  • Steve Abbley?

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