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LONG READ | Paul Lambert: Unappreciated in His Time?



  • Just essentially the standard expected temperature drop when climbing (or the reverse when descending). It's approx 2 Deg C per 1000ft up to 'normal' operating altitudes. Good thing to remember when ascending a hill/mountain on a warm day - it's going to get steadily cooler. Should be OK in Ipswich as it's only about 120 ft AMSL.

  • I must have seen about 90% of Paul Lambert's game in person but he's left absolutely no impression on me at all.

  • Do you have a background in aviation @ValleyWanderer (or indeed hill climbing/mountaineering or even meteorology)? I was in the met office for a few years in the late ‘fifties but I wasn’t into the physics to any extent (unlike my old mate at the time - Bill Giles). I’ve always understood that, on average, the temperature is one degree Celsius lower for every 300 ft. Time and again over the years when I was a London commuter rain or sleet would be falling as I waited for the bus home in Castle street and it would gradually turn to snow as we climbed towards Hazlemere. Just one degree was all it took.

  • 38 years in the ATC world. I always go for the 'simple' equations/solutions. I am a sailor nowadays so the same thing but a lot slower! COYB!

  • I do think that we’ve got a pretty shabby record for booing ex-players & managers simply for the crime of no longer playing for us.

    Michael Simpson was the most embarrassing one I can recall, a popular player in his time, we released him (it’s not like he tried to wangle a better deal elsewhere)...and then he got booed the next time he faced us. Shambles.

    The comparison with Peter Taylor is a good one, both purveying, ahem, “gritty” football - but at least PT got promotion, even if we won it in the least appealing way imaginable (oh that final day...).

    Lambert’s obviously got some aptitude for management otherwise he wouldn’t have had the career he’s had. I guess he just never bothers to curry favour with the fans - which is fine when things are going well, but It means that zero goodwill has been banked when results start to turn.

  • Great post @PBo .

  • Simpson is a particularly good example of bad treatment.

    One of our old fanzines used to rate old players and one category was "contribution to the cause". His would be quite high. He should have had a very warm greeting. That's not to say he shouldn't get a bit of booing if he makes a bad challenge etc, but not a purposely obnoxious chorus.

    It's like a lot of things in football - concentrating on the positives with your own team is the best bet.

  • Hear hear @Malone.

  • During the Lambert/Gannon "that goal changes nothing / show me your medals" spat, it seemed like the Gasroom was generally on PL's side. But reflecting on it since, we must've been wearing blue quartered spectacles, all caught up in the play-off moment, because actually they both behaved like absolute tw@ts.

    It only seems more obvious in hindsight, when contrasting the dignified behaviour of Gareth throughout his management career.

  • However small it may be and despite some of venom that has been spat his way from the headbutee, limbs, True Fan Twitterati over the years, and despite some of the players taking offence at the abuse, I've never heard Gareth be anything but positive about our support.

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    Didn't Truefan Twitterati make a handful of appearances for Newcastle in the early noughties?

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    No, that was Julio Geordio

  • I actually think Lambert was misunderstood with his infamous "the goal changes nothing" comment

    What he so obviously meant was that even without it we'd have been looking to go and win the 2nd leg and so it wouldn't change the way we approached that game

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