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Still feeling rough about the cup exit?

With Thanksgiving a week away in the US, I thought I'd make a list as an antidote to the discouraging cup exit.

Think about:

1 - Our threadbare summer squad being enriched by player after player, with each new day seeming to bring a new signing.
2 - Fred returns!
3 - Darius Charles, told by doctors he would never play again, plays every week, and is in contention for player of the season.
4 - David Wheeler, last minute winner against MK Dons!
5 - A looming, galling defeat against lowly Southend is turned on it's head. 4-3, with a Nick Freeman pass and Kashket finish to remember.
6 - Ryan Allsop, so deeply doubted, with 9 clean sheets in the first 17 league games, protected by a fantastic defence.
7 - JJ hits a hattrick, in a sublime schooling of the Imps. Greatest corner taker in history!
8 - Portsmouth beaten, with a late Bayo pen.
9 - Rochdale smoothly swept aside. We can win in yellow after all!
10 - We come back on Peterborough (twice), with the greatest build up to an own goal, and the greatest goal mouth scramble, in the same contest.
10 - Sunderland finally beaten, having not led for a single minute in 270 against us over two seasons.
11 - Rotherham, Shrewsbury and Tranmere fans having the opportunity to see what they would not want to watch every week, as we win three in a row without conceding.
12 - Gareth stays, and becomes the longest serving manager.
13 - RC arrives, and then runs in the rain to the roaring masses.
14 - @bluntphil starts the famous blog, being award nominated in year one.

I don't know what is going to happen on Saturday, or beyond, but what a season so far! Come on you Chairboys!


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