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Joe Jacobson



  • @Malone I agree, it’s an easier one to get wrong. I learnt it by thinking about the example of ‘less milk’ vs ‘fewer cartons of milk’. There/their/they’re and it’s/its aren’t so forgivable... (not to mention ‘should of’, ‘here, here’ and ‘shoe in’, to name but a few...)

  • Or "I will have to grin and bare it".

  • That's one way to get yourself ejected from the ground.

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  • It’s and its seems hard to me because it arbitrarily breaks a rule that people learn - that an apostrophe is used for possession, eg Ainsworth’s team.

  • Lose and loose seems to be an easy one that a lot of people fail to get right.

    And don't get me started on lightening instead of lightning.

  • Micra, You (maybe we) have right royally managed to disrupt a thread on JJ. Perhaps there (their, they're) ought to be a standing thread labelled 'pedants' corner'. Sadly, I would read it.

  • And I would contribute greatly.

  • Thompson for me. Keeping the ball and some decent tracking and tackling. Nmandi was indeed solid though. Yet another game when there s no-one you can really say did not shine. Wheeler also a great signing.

  • @LX1 said:
    I agree JJ is a great player for us.

    But he was awful first half. A regular long term supporter turned to me and said 'is JJ hungover?'

    As he kicked to touch

    Agree his set-piece delivery first half was patchy.

  • Generally speaking less refers to volume (eg of traffic, cash etc) and fewer to things that can be counted (eg cars, people, five pound notes). More or less.> @Cyclops said:

    @micra said:
    Is it ok to still say something is ‘proved’ ?

    Whilst on this subject (off-thread and I apologise for that) the past tense of lead is led - not lead (unlike with read and read). Many times on here and on COTN I’ve been stopped in my tracks when reading things like “he lead the line superbly last season.”

    As the great Stan Laurel said: "You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead."

    Trust you to muddle the walters @Cyclops.
    I like that one!

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  • Collective nouns rather than volume might work better. Or should I say more better, a horrendous relatively recent linguistic corruption.

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  • Time I got up and did something useful.

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  • Good point with 'its', @Chris - I suppose grammatically it's out on its own.

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  • @Chris said:
    It’s and its seems hard to me because it arbitrarily breaks a rule that people learn - that an apostrophe is used for possession, eg Ainsworth’s team.

    Shouldn't it be Ainsworths' team? BTW, I am fairly rubbish at English literature.

  • Only if there is more than one Ainsworth.

  • Or if his name was Ainsworths

  • Ah ok. I was clearly under the illusion that the apostrophe after the name gave meaning of belonging to. Learn something new each day if you look!

  • It does give the meaning of belonging to, just belonging to more than one thing.

  • I have to own up to having got into a muddle yesterday when “less” and “fewer” were being discussed. Another gripe is the misuse of “number” and “amount”. My difficulty at this moment is a mind that’s gone blank whilst trying to think of examples. @Thicketblue to the rescue, I hope.
    Amount of people (rather than number) is the best I can offer at this late hour, number being the “correct” version.

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  • The number of times that you've been on here trying to educate us @micra. It's about time fewer of us made the errors we do. If we spent less time moaning about Ainsworth's team selection and more time on English grammar then maybe we wouldn't. Although there's no amount of criticism that's going to work with some people. They're just going to respond in their own sweet way to anything you say.

  • I certainly hope so!

  • Can we please go back to lauding Joe Jacobson, as much as I heart English literature.

  • By all means, but it has been an enjoyable and heart-warming diversion!

  • @Twizz said:

    Some of us are grammatically dim and have fingers too fat to successfully negotiate a phone keyboard.

  • Twizz didn’t say that.

  • edited November 2019

    I suppose 2 last 5min pen winners in a week was too much to hope for!

  • @micra said:
    Twizz didn’t say that.

    I was explaining @micra not complaining 😊

  • @Malone said:
    I suppose 2 last 5min pen winners in a week was too much to hope for!

    Terrible from Jacobson. Missing a pen like that will cost us later in the season.Ainsworth needs to have a word. (Thought I'd save @trevor @rmjlondon and @glasshalfempty the trouble)

  • JJ, Stroud, Couhigs, Ainsworth and Dobbno out! Well out of the pressure cooker for a week or two. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

  • @Wendoverman I think he’d heard Bloomfield was the coach of the Ipswich U18s and wanted to do him a favour by not scoring.

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