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Ace High beaten by pair of Jacks

I suspect this thread is very niche, only of interest to @A_Worboys at best, possibly not even him.

So I went to a very wet but enjoyable FA Vase game last night. Devon Derby. Tavistock got off to their usual slow start and Exmouth were ahead within five minutes through their exotically named but prolific forward Ace High and it looked like a long night. But goals from Jacks Crago and two from Annear had the sexy lambs 3-1 up by halftime and an expected close game ended up in a 6-1 rout. Highly enjoyable though - none of the cynicism, diving and defensive organisation and mouthing off to referees of the professional game. I have to say I highly recommend giving this level a go when WWFC are not playing.

What's next for the lambs, I hear you not ask. A reliable (perhaps mint) sauce tells me its another Devon derby against the mighty Buckland in the last 64. Will the Lambs have a trip to Wembley at the end of the season or will they at some stage be put out to grass....


  • @DevC Exmouth Town have a very nice little ground, with surprisingly good facilities. Played a game there once (not against Exmouth). Thereโ€™s a small field right behind one goal, which used to house half a dozen donkeys (who would be shut up in a small stable during games to protect them from wayward shots) but they seem to have been moved on to pastures new (arf) in recent months.

  • I'd often wondered what happened to Stallard

  • @DevC Thank you for that. I actually saw Exmouth Townโ€™s first league game this season at home to Bridport Town. Exmouth won 4-1. There was a player for the visiting team called Gape - I presume Dominicโ€™s brother or cousin as i believe he hails from West Dorset.

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