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Alex Samuel

Back tonight according to the club website. No word on Smyth or Fred.


  • Thought I read that Smyth would be in the squad.

  • I thought he would be - well, he still might...

  • No......Smyth's gone to Bayern Munich as he though Gaz was there!

  • Quite an exciting young line up in the tinpot tonight.

  • It is, although I can't work out whether JGS is at RB or Ofoborh at CB?

  • Smyth not even sub !

    I know it's sort of club policy, well seems to be anyway, but I do wish they would keep us up to date more on injured players ! A little info would be nice

  • He can't be far off considering that footage of him at the trampoline park last week. Unless he sustained another injury there...

  • Someone on fb said something about asking Samuel when all 3 were back, and they were apparently targeting the MK game next week.

    Smyth's had pretty bad luck to get taken out for this long. Did he even play 3 full games for us?

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  • Anyone know the line up tonight vs Fulham U21’s?

  • edited November 5





    Or possibly a diamond four with Samuel and Parker up front (someone who's there tells me they're a front two).

  • Yates
    Gardiner-Smith Sido Phillips Mascoll
    Oboforh Pattison Freeman
    Kashket Samuel Parker

    Dreadful game so far. Like the last couple of games in this competition, concede early, then that's that.
    Hope it doesn't pan out like that again!

    Aarons coming on for Kashket.
    Probably just an arranged 45min rather than a knock.

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