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2019 / 20 Season Charity Attendance Prediction Competition Thread

edited November 2019 in Football

I have been long promising this just like last year......
Seems a good day to launch this, on the weekend of a new era. Besides the thread for last season was launched in November.

Just as on the @DevC organised thread for score prediction there will be a signed shirt for the winner. This season it will be a charity competition.

The idea is the same as last year. We might finish above where we finished last season and did I mention that there will be a signed shirt for the winner.

The attendance prediction threads we have been creating each week combine into a season long event on this thread. All predictions made so far on those spreadsheets are incorporated, although I have yet to add in the Shrewsbury predictions

The rules are the same as last year - Your closest ten attendance predictions count at the end of the season. There could be as many as 50 chances to predict - 44 league games + Reading in the League Cup and at least the 1st round of the FA Cup this year. There is a possibility that we partake in the playoffs.

The best 10 predictions count and I will again use the average of those best ten, so the smaller this average is the better you have been at predicting and the higher up the table you will be.

In any game if you make a closer prediction than your 10th best your average will improve and you may leap or inch up the table. As those who played last year will know, it is possible to have a run of form and turn the table upside down. Did I mention that the Club have confirmed that there will be a signed shirt for the winner.

I won't publish the best top best 10 prediction table until we arrive at game 20 - not everybody predicts every game so it has more meaning after 20 games. As previously mentioned the charity will be the clubs medical partner charity - Chiltern MS Centre - who help local people with multiple sclerosis with physical, practical and emotional support.

Using the link below you will need to alter the default amount from £20 to £10, please consider gift aiding to allow Chiltern MS Centre to claim back tax:

This year everyone is on trust to make a donation.

One final thing to demonstrate how the competition is shaping up - here is a table for the best 5 predictions which was up to date before the Shrewsbury game:

Average of Best 5 Predictions Forecaster
59.8 DevC
63.2 wwfcblue
65 Shev
74.2 railwaysteve
76 Ned_Ludd
78 NewburyWanderer
82.6 Manboobs
83.8 micra
83.8 ValleyWanderer
89.6 Aok84
89.6 robin
92.2 BlueBoy
92.2 twizz
93.4 wendoverman
96.4 DJWYC
103.4 ForeverBlue
107.6 Cecil
108 thedieharder
110.8 YorkExile
113.4 bookertease
150.2 a40
150.6 Pogo
151 NorsQuarters
151 onlooker
166.2 Commoner
183 mooneyman
187.4 WidmerWanderer
188 AlanB
196.6 eric_plant
202 OxfordBlue
209.4 Alexo
236.8 Glenatico
290.6 glos_wanderer
297.8 perfidious_albion
503.2 th100
619 floyd

This only includes those who have made 5 predictions and I promise that the presentation of the table will improve.

There are three people whose best prediction is just two away from the actual attendance. Nobody has bettered that yet. The current three predicting at Championship level are:
@shev - the Bolton home game
@Twizz - the Reading League Cup thriller
@ValleyWanderer - the Gillingham away game

@micra - you are not rubbish.
To those in the relegation zone - if you forecast you stand a very good chance of improving the average.
To all - please look out for the Tranmere threads.



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