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A new era begins! The Most Important Vote this Week, Month and last 10 years?

75% threshold reached - time for a new thread and new era for Wycombe Wanderers - Trust still very much involved with 25% stake and the Couhig's driving the commercial side of the Club forward with hopefully Gareth and his team - for the moment and hopeful longer into a new League :) - keeping us as competitive as we are currently - who would have imagined in mid July with only half a squad of players on the books that we would be joint top of league on points in end of October with a new investor and very tasty vegan burgers on sale with no queue too! First on agenda - crisps - second on agenda - WIFI at ground or do we get Gareth singed up on new contact first?

What about access road and a new roof for Frank Adams and new acoustics for the Terrace!

Rob and Pete's inbox filling up fast already!

January - some strengthening of squad?


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