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Sonia McLaughlin’s Blooper

Craving @drcongo’s indulgence on this non-football item and with apologies if it’s gone viral already but it seems that Ms McLaughlin on Radio 5 Live, describing the celebrations of the Welsh rugby team after their narrowest of victories against France, said “some of the players are out on the piss - I mean pitch.”


  • Nothing will ever beat John Inverdale's attempt at "rose-tinted glasses"

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  • Don’t remember that one @eric_plant but I assume that bloopers of a different kind are involved.

  • I believe one or two commentators used to struggle a bit with Crewe’s Kenny Lunt.

  • Not football related but Kent Countryside is always good for an embarrassed cough or two...

  • Being a Kentish Man has had its moments.
    The local ‘paper (Kent Messenger) had a Keg Meg Club for us littl’uns in the ‘40s. Sweet.

  • Laura Kuenssberg was outraged by a comment by one of her fellow Brexitcasters the other day, when they were concluding that the final vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill could be around 29th Oct. "See you next Tuesday, then", he chirped... Presumably she thought he was referring to Boris.

  • Sounds like Chris Mason to me. Disappointed if Laura Kuensberg (? Spelling) was outraged. She seems to display a good sense of humour on that “show”. Bit old hat, I suppose. The quip, not Laura.

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  • Can never get enough Brexit, comedians and now a podcast devoted to it? What are we going to do to fill our empty lives when we've finally reached to Bozzer, Nigel and Jacob's Magic Kingdom?

  • @micra It was Adam Fleming - because when he said it, she replied "AADAAAAM!!" It was 'mock' outrage, by the way. I should've made that clear. They had been talking about acronyms just before that, so I guess he just couldn't help throwing that one in. I thought it was pretty quick-witted of him and worthy of re-telling, in the context of the tangent of this thread.

    Happy with my spelling, by the way.

  • Don’t worry @Wendoverman. We’ll have IndyRef 2 and how to/not to build a border which will take a good 2 or 3 years. That will be followed by Reunite Ireland 1 which will amuse us for another couple. Then it will will be Brenter 3 when we beg to be let back in to the EU. Reckon we’re sorted for at least 10 years. And somewhere in there Boris will declare himself king and we can play find the heirs for a good few years

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  • You forgot Scotlandageddon...when Bozzer has to explain to Queenie why there's another referendum and Walesnado when they realise the Brexit they overwhelmingly voted for closes the car factories and a jolly Tory government has no intention of investing a penny there @bookertease but otherwise I think you're pretty spot on. And we all know NO Brexit will be Brexit enough for Beery Nigel to give up his salary, pensions and shouting insults at foreigners!

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