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Safari issues

Anyone on here use a Mac with a safari browser? I have been using this for 10+ years & never had an issue with IFollow videos. Since last weekend for some obscure reason, I can't watch any of the videos although been fine listening to away matches with live commentary? As a pointer, I have not had a problem if I switch to Chrome.


  • Try clearing your cache.

  • I had the same issue with Internet Explorer (I know - that old thing). I have had to start running ifollow using Chrome.

  • I thought this thread was going to be about away travel in Europa B Cup.

  • I use Safari for all my general browsing and weirdly, for the first time in years, I'm actually able to watch videos on the WWFC site now. There's a glitch where it hides the controls though so you have to hunt around for the play button.

    I'd actually recommend against using Chrome. It's basically spyware / malware these days. Modern Firefox is actually an excellent browser and much better at respecting your privacy. If you really want a Chrome-like experience, then Vivaldi and Brave are better options. The latter has affiliations with some slightly unsavoury people depending on your personal politics, but at least it's not spying on you.

  • You can't guarantee the big 5, it's not a zoo

  • I'm with the good doctor. I use all four of the 'big' browsers for work reasons and Firefox continues to be the most stable and reliable browser whilst Chrome is going in much the opposite direction.

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