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  • 16 unchallenged passes for their second goal away at Southend. Don’t think they’ll get away with that on Saturday.

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    Yeah, that goal went viral, but we've seen for ourselves what Southend's 'defending' is like.

  • Interesting but frightening...they just waltz around a team that put three past us without giving them a touch...looks like our defence and midfield are in for a torrid time. Red cards possible!

  • I mean...there's not really much pressure on the ball from Southend. A nice goal rather than a great one.

  • I'm never sure if you are not going to attack the player on the ball...what a defender or defensive midfielder thinks they are there for! To be fair Bloomy and Gape would have been in there boot or heads up!

  • We seem very inconsistent in that sense - at the back anyway. We backed off Stephen Humprhys for his two goals, as well hit as they were, and off Pompey a bit - one of theirs almost walked it in, I think after we'd scored.

  • All three goals v Southend were delightful to watch. Things of beauty.

  • @HCblue said:
    All three goals v Southend were delightful to watch. Things of beauty.

    The Southend defence appeared to make no genuine effort to stop any of them though. The video almost looks like a set up training video where a set of actor/players had been asked to act the defence role without actually trying to defend so that the other actor/players could demonstrate a textbook method of goalscoring.

  • It was a bit like watching the West 'Am Man U game where it seemed Ole has bravely decided that his teams should not have anyone in the opposing half trying to score a goal.

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