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Wally Downes

Wimbledon have just suspended him as he's under investigation for betting on matches.


  • What were the odds on that (BOOM BOOM)

  • Gambling is a mugs game.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Gambling is a mugs game.

    Especially when you are a football manager betting on football matches which allowed.

  • Without getting too deep into all this, nothing annoys me more about the state of modern football than it's relationship with betting. Taking straight from the devil on one hand, and piously refusing to aid anyone who needs help on the other.

  • I always wonder whether a team would take the same course of action if they were flying high at the top of the table. They’re probably rubbing their hands together as I suspect they want rid of him anyway.

  • I have a strong and active dislike of the gambling industry and, more, the way in which recent governments have practically encouraged the nation to take up the practice through the relaxation of advertising regulations. But even I can see the distinct ethical problem with football managers betting on matches.

  • Didn't Barton get a year's ban for his gambling on games? Maybe his was an exceptional level or something, but similar situation.

    It's pretty clear why a football manager or anyone involved shouldn't be betting on matches, even if they're not directly in the games themselves.

  • Don't really have too much of a problem with gambling being involved in football, but more education needs to be given about the risks, especially to youngsters. At the end of the day, anything can be addictive.

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