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Ipswich game cancellation probability and fan reaction

Interesting comments by their lot, nice to see many concerned about the effect on attendances for lower league coffers.

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    • I’ve said yes @NorsQuarters but I think the criteria should also take account of the value to the club of a called up player - eg number of matches played over a given period.

    • As alluded to in the article, there are other factors besides the unavailability of certain ‘fringe’ players, namely injuries to ‘star’ players. Of course, if the match is postponed and re-scheduled you can bet later in the season Paul Lambert will be complaining of fixture congestion!

    • As previously mentioned, this is a problem for lower division clubs mainly because of the uncertainty it creates. My solution would be for the EFL to ask each club BEFORE the fixture list is produced "Do you want a match on International weekends?". Simple answer, yes or no. Then it's up to them whether or not they want to take the risk of playing with players unavailable. We need to eliminate this ridiculous period of trying to guess if we're playing or not. It's no good for anyone.

    • I really hope the game is played on the Saturday, but if it isn't it is exactly the sort of thing that Gaz will use to his advantage to motivate his players when the fixture is played.

    • They shouldn't get the option to call it off. They play in a league that plays games on international weekends, deal with it and tailor your squad accordingly.

      Ridiculous how short notice they have to give, fans come last as ever.

    • Reading that article they have 8 potetial call ups! So that looks a pretty certain call off job

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