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Seven years with the Wanderers


  • He is indeed @NorsQuarters. I had a look at the piece your link led to but was driven mad by pop-ups ! I’ve got the Adblock App but I don’t know if I’m supposed to just let it sit there or whether it needs the occasional friendly tap. I’m not sure the writer got it right about GA’s contract. I thought he signed a new five year contract last year.

    I was looking at one or two Gasroomer profiles earlier and was astonished by the number of visits some of us have had. I think @Malone must be near the top of the table. What I hadn’t realised was that your own profile picture shows you in mid-air leaping into the Caribbean from your light and dark blue painted boat ! I only use the iPhone for the Gasroom and I had no idea what was in that little finger nail sized picture.

  • @micra the old gasroom used to do tallies every so often of people's post count.
    I wonder if they can still do that.

    If not, maybe one lazy afternoon, you can build us a table? ;)

  • Hang on, you've got over 2,000+ more posts than me you old rascal.

  • What an entertaining journey it has been. All hail Gareth!

  • Malone 3471
    Micra 2433

    To be continued and sorted into numerical order (perhaps!)

  • Aah, that’s visits. I’ll need to look again for posts.

  • Wonderful piece of broadcasting, that presenter has a future. Great memories, great manager, great bloke.

  • A great watch.

  • edited September 2019

    Excellent stuff. Great comp and interview with Gareth. My only small suggestion for your main man would be...don't look at the camera when you are asking questions when interviewing someone as it distracts them...eyelines and that.

  • EFL Podcast with 90 minute Gareth interview covering his whole career:

    Looks like JGS will get on the bench on Saturday.

  • Great interview, thanks for posting it @niebieski

  • Interesting that Gareth praises an incoming physio at Wimbledon John Clinkard for help saving his career.
    I would imagine Gareth would be aware that the then Tom Selleck lookalike Clinkard started his phsio career at Wycombe under Mike Keen in 1980.

  • I did wonder @ChasHarps if Gareth would have known that John Clinkard had been at Loakes Park nearly 40 years ago. I patted myself on the back for remembering him from so long ago but if his name had been less memorable.......

    That 90 minute EFL podcast is fascinating, particularly the stories about his teens and twenties and also the section near the end where he talks at some length about the way players are chosen as much for their character and personal qualities as for their footballing skills.

    Thanks @niebieski for posting the link.

  • I really enjoyed the entire interview. Gareth really is a top bloke and it will be a sad day for the football club when he takes the next step up. My other big fear is that Gareth takes with him, his entire backroom staff. Also revealing, how much he respects/relies on his "generals", Bayo, Bloomfield & JJ.

  • A sad day indeed @EwanHoosaami. End of an era.

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