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Would seem Mr couhig is preparing for life in the Championship?!


  • He probably assumes it's always like this. We need to achieve sustainability before we aim for anything else

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  • TBF it's got to be difficult for him, having just arrived so to speak, and we find ourselves top of the League. At present I have to pinch myself to stop me drifting into silly thoughts!

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  • Wow - now that's an insight into the mind of a winner and a successful businessman!

    All of us are thinking, let's see how the next game goes, and he's already thinking of the success plan! That oughta hold those FB guys who used to get salty at the 5 year plan!

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  • Must admit, I've been sort of dreaming about promotion. Then imagining a right bloody pasting each week as the next step up is haaauuugee!

  • Not sure we would get a pasting with this squad. But then if we did get up wed upgrade.

    Ok im getting carried away now!

  • Someone on the gasroom has pointed out the initial tweet was simply responding to a question about the scoreboard!!!!

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