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"Tinkle Time" - Crowd Speculations and Predictions - Portsmouth (H) -21st Sept 2019 - Match 10

edited September 2019 in Football

A mate at work (a Cambridge United Supporter) once said, "Yes, and then they start that ***** bell thing they do. I hate it."

This thread is also up early to allow debate - about how far our greatly appreciated successes and our raft of initiatives will go towards Packing the Park for Pompey.
There is the rule that if the game is by some chance announced as a sell out, then the thread is closed to further predictions.

My intention is not to predict at least until after the Gillingham game, but anyone is welcome if they wish. This one could be quite fun to predict. There might be a few in the future who say: "My first game was Portsmouth at home on 21st Sept 2019, the score was ......"

Here is the link to the spreadsheet:



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