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48 years since a Wanderers defender last scored a hatrick

Big John Delaney got a hatrick(2 pens) as we walloped Enfield 4-0 at Southbury rd on the 11 Sept 1971.
Delaney managed 6 league goals in 7 days when he scored the following Tuesday at Home to Hitchin. Big john
managed an amazing 15 league goals that season in 37 appearences !!


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    Thanks @ChasHarps, I remember that game against Enfield. I went with my father. I remember that sustained sense of joy and amazement at the score - a feeling which I cam remember only once since, in a place not so far away in distance, but far removed in time - at White Hart Lane during half time.

  • The 'Great Southbury Rd robbery' in 1986 was a memorable occasion. That tremendous Enfield side who were worthy conference champions, absolutely murdered us that day. Inspired displays by central defenders Budgie Burgess and Anton Vircavs and keeper Gary Lester stopped us losing by a hatful.
    It had been 6 years since our last visit to Enfield as they chose to accept the Alliance Premier leagues invite, where as we declined. Then a mad final few minutes saw Bobby Dell's second penalty and a Westy winner, and what i can only describe as pandemonium and dribbling messes/masses amongst the hundreds of Wanderers fans that had made the journey to North London.
    The deafening chant of 'Wycombe are back, Wycombe are back, Hello Hello' will long live in the memory, as the Enfield die hards couldn't quite believe what they had just witnessed.

  • Delaney loved playing Enfield , in an Amateur Cup Match in early 1971 he scored both goals (headers ) in a 2-1 win. This second round tie between two of the Countries non league Titans saw a crowd of over 6000 at Loakes Park. The legend John Maskell saved a Chris Duggan penalty when it was nil nil. I met Chris through my work years later , a lovely chap As soon as I mentioned I was a Chairboys fan he said with a smile "your going to talk about THAT penalty aren't you".

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    @Mr67 In my very early days of supporting, but I remember the penalty save so well, if not Big John’s headers. I wonder whether it’s because the picture of the save, from behind the goal, was used as the matchday programme picture for a while, that it’s so etched into my long term memory.

  • Oh yes you've reminded me of that !

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