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Light & Dark Blue Monday: Wycombe 3-1 Lincoln

My usual analysis (well, celebration this time) of the weekend's action:


  • Nothing to disagree with there @th100 and I fully agree with your assessment of Grimmer. The fact no-one seems to be saying '...we miss Macca on the right' has been overlooked as he looks like he's always been there. Hopefully he'll score against Coventry as well.

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    @Wendoverman I think he's great and has exactly the right attitude. I know I've said I think it's a choice between Jacobson and Freeman for POTS so far, but you could pick Grimmer seeing as he's more than capably made up for our biggest loss of the summer. The crazy thing is, a lot of Coventry fans, while full of praise for his commitment and personality, didn't seem to rate him that highly.

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