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A club to be proud of.

Yesterday was a really special day. Our 5 year old grandson who trains with Thatcham Tornados, watched his first ever Wycombe game. He was wearing his Wycombe Wanderers top and of course saw a really great game with his Dad. Alex Samuel was in the car park long after the final whistle happily chatting to fans. We got a lovely picture of him holding our grandson which his Mum and all their friends are really amazed with and it topped off such a special day for him. His Mum asked him ‘Out of 100 how much would you like to go and see Wycombe again and he says err 1000 times, no a million times!!
The fans are so connected with the players at our level, and our players are always so classy and gracious chatting to fans. It must stem from the culture that Ainsworth has instilled since he’s been here.

Premier league football? No chance and our grandson has started on his long association with supporting Wycombe of that I’m sure 😊


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    Lovely stuff! Another reason to get the deal over the line. Let's make sure the next generation have a club to continue to love!

  • Gareth must take huge amounts of credit for the quality of men we have on and off the pitch. Nnamdi (The Boar) Ofoborh looks like another straight out of the Ainsworth mold of humble men off the pitch but warriors on it.
    Long may Gareth continue to be “The Gaffer”. He’s a man of unique qualities in football.

  • What a great example of the magic of Wycombe Wanderers. Hope that was the kind of first impression forndozens of other youngsters yesterday.

    It’s true that the attendance was disappointing but it might well have been in the low 6,000s had it not been for the puzzling all ticket imposition on away fans.
    If there aren’t at least 5,000 home fans for the Portsmouth game (and therefore around 7,000 in total) I think we will be more than disappointed. It must be tempting to offer Pompey more than the usual away quota although that would inevitably ruffle the feathers of any home fans who had to be upgraded to the Frank Adams stand.

  • @th100 said:
    Lovely stuff! Another reason to get the deal over the line. Let's make sure the next generation have a club to continue to love!

    Have you seen the deal?

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    @peterparrotface No, and we should wait until we see it - but at the same time, unless there's something in it which makes it look like Rob is trying to shaft us (which I can't for a minute envisage there being), it's got to be a 'yes' vote. What's the alternative?

    Anything I say in favour is on the assumption of the deal being a good one - which I expect it to be. Beggars can't be choosers - unless, as I say, it looks like it would leave us in an even more precarious financial position.

  • I share your optimism, @th100, but, even if we allow for the absence of sinister intent, there's a middle ground to be wary of where the Couhigs, with a perfectly normal and reasonable desire to have the best possible deal for themselves, may make proposals that are not in the club's interests.

    Let's just be on our toes and ensure things go the way that works for everybody as much as possible.

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    @HCblue The overriding consideration has to be the League future - and possibly entire future - of the club. Even if you just look at Rob's answers in his Wanderer Q&A, it's clear that we've been losing a worrying amount of money. To a certain extent, I think we're going to have to take a leap of faith. You're never going to be able to fully forecast 5/10 years down the line.

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