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Joe Jacobson

I just wrote a fellow fan with the below, and it really does bear repeating.

In the past season + 7 games, we have seen, thanks to JJ:

3 goals direct from corners
1 own goal that was going in direct
1 CMS goal from 3 inches out that was going in direct (against Bradford)
1 hit the stanchion

I am sure I may be forgetting other near misses too. It begs the question, has anyone ever had so much success direct from corners in such a short space of time? We are an own goal on the line (today) and a CMS touch away from 5 goals direct from corners in just 53 league games (less, if you leave out the games before Bradford).

Also, what are the rules about the own goal? To me, if a ball is going in, and deflected, surely it is usually given to the attacking player, unless it was going wide or high? It is a shame that JJ may lose a hattrick (and a place in the Left Back Hall of Fame) on interpretation of a rule that usually seems to favour the attacking player.


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