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Where are we allowed to drink at AP
Can you take alcohol into the ground. It seems we aren’t allowed to walk through the car park with drinks purchased from the ‘village’. So I had to drink my pint rather quick yesterday, which isn’t my cup of t. As I prefer to drink slowly as I’m a one pint wonder!
Clarification needed


  • From past experience, one is asked to drink only within the perimeter of the tent area, marked by the loosely fenced perimeter. I assume that it is for licensing and/or security reasons. I can imagine having large numbers of beer drinkers spread around the outside of the ground may have a considerable change on the atmosphere, just as one does not venture too far from the pub if one is drinking outside on a summer's day.

  • Drinking in view of the pitch is illegal in uk football. Applies to exec boxes as well. Bit of an oddly defined rule.

  • Yet it was noted there was a geezer in the beechdean wandering about with a bottle...of booze at the MK game.

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