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FAO Nors Quarters

Just wanted to check you got my DM with the information you needed. Enjoy the game today!


  • Wow, my own thread! Was in travel purgatory and did not make it in time for kickoff. Thankfully I saw all of Wycombe's goals and had a nice round at the end with half a dozen gassroomers or so:)

  • Sorry to hear about your flight, but at least you saw the key drama. If you get in touch with WWISC they may be able to get a copy out to you.

  • Hope you got back ok and on time @NorsQuarters. Thanks for the pint and catch you soon.

  • Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay after the game @NorsQuarters but keep us posted re future visits.

  • Hope you didn’t leave early @micra ?

  • Back looking out at the fjord in between reruns of Saturday thanks gents. Great to see those there and a pleasure to drive @bluntphil to T5 on the way out. New job start means my schedule is up in the air for now but I hope to get over in Autumn.

    Look forward to seeing you all at the Chairboys Village with no delays next time around and getting my hands on a copy of the Wanderer then.


  • Real shame I missed you on Saturday @Shev. Found @Micra, @ValleyWanderer, @HCblue, @fame46 and @OxfordBlue. Think the beer tent is an ideal meeting point for gasroomers and hope we can have a collective "borg" gathering next time you are over. Have a good nights sleep or watch several reruns of the game instead.

  • @Onlooker said:
    Hope you didn’t leave early @micra ?

    I stood gazing in awe at the players (and clapping of course) for several minutes as they did their usual lap of honour type thing. My regular passenger was, as he invariably is, standing by the car in front of Roofline and had probably been there for ten minutes. It took another seven or eight minutes to get to the end of Hillbottom Road so I dread to think what it’s going to be like when we get crowds of six or seven thousand.

    Half an hour in the Village may be the answer and the more of us that do it the better the rate of traffic flow and the flow of income.

    You know it makes sense.

  • A Gasroom Guzzlers Group would be good @EwanHoosaami.

  • Indeed @micra, can’t remember the last time I queued to get out of Adams Park. Much nicer to hang about for a bit chatting than sit in a queue of cars.

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