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Chairboys Central Preview: Southend

edited August 2019 in Football

An in-depth look at tomorrow's game. Southend are not in a good way, but what does that matter?!


  • Great job again, @th100, and thanks a lot. I like the idea of the Opposition View. Potentially gives an interesting perspective. But I am full of respect for the detailed work you have done to research these pieces.

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  • Good stuff @th100 . Hopefully no banana skin...

  • Cheers both. I'm going to try and streamline them a bit - I tend to get carried away and just write like there's no end, but it's time-consuming for me and whoever's reading the thing!

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  • Fully agree with @HCblue and I can see why it eats up yer time but rest assured reading them is no bother @th100

  • It's not too long for me, either. I welcome the detailed analysis of both teams. Go for it so long as your own time allows.

  • I enjoy very much reading them, highly informative and yet easy on the brain. If you can spare the time to write them, I very much appreciate them. I feel like an expert afterwards.

  • @th100 The format you do them in lends itself well to scanning for readers who are pressed for time. Thanks once again, always a good read.

  • Awesome stuff as ever @th100. With this and Phil's podcast we are really spoilt at the moment. So nice to read/hear independent opinions.

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  • Excellent preview @th100. I shall regale

    the rest of the table in the Woodland

    tomorrow with my remarkable insights into

    the strengths and weaknesses of the


  • Top stuff @th100 , will you be at the Village tomorrow? I trust I will see you there @micra

  • I certainly hope so. I should be there at 1.30 or soon after. I think I would recognise @EwanHoosaami and @HCblue as I met them briefly the season before last. Quite a Gasroom gathering by the sound of it. Really looking forward to it. And someone mentioned there could also be a half decent football match later in the afternoon.

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  • Me too but no Mrs VW!

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