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Michael Harriman

Still doesn't have a club - had been training/on trial with Lincoln and Cambridge, but both ships seem to have sailed. A return to Wycombe can't be beyond the realms of possibility, but would he settle for probably a bit-part role again? We could do with another RB, unless Sido is seen as sufficient cover there.


  • Find bizarre he's struggling to find a club, he's a class full back and was getting linked with Peterborough season's ago

  • Agree with all the above - he is a Swiss army knife that would!be useful to anyone at this level!

  • It's an odd one but something we'll see more of as clubs spend their budget on impact players and higher paid full backs don't fit in to budgets. Plenty of time for Harri as injuries start to happen. He's not turned in to a bad player. He's better than anything we have.

  • Is a good player at league 2 level without a doubt and could do a job in league 1.

    Not always that simple though, as I dare say a lot of clubs wouldn't fit their family plans of location, and then throw in budgets being tight, and having alternatives in situe, he might have to risk going down to a local non league outfit and try and work back in.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle

    I’m not sure he’s significantly better than Grimmer or Sido. He’s an improving full back and his positioning is probably his strongest attribute, along with natural pace and stamina.

    His end product and crossing were by in large at times poor last season. The amount of times we were in dangerous positions and his delivery was terrible.

    With a 433 and playing Bayo as target man the recycled balls from our full backs are key. JJ generally delivers and in reality McCarthy were okay and an upgrade on Harri.

  • I guess Harriman is a bit unlucky that he had a player like McCarthy blocking his route into the team, then gets released, and then sees said player sold on!

    That's bad luck. But weren't there some whispers that he'd turned a deal down previously? Maybe he himself wasn't keen on staying? Not sure. I know he and his wife were very friendly with supporters, maybe they'd told people their feelings on the matter?
    @micra , anything to you?

  • There were definitely whispers doing the rounds that he'd turned down a contract, and the deduction that this was why he was finding game time hard to come by suddenly.
    Seeing that Anthony Stewart showed far more disloyalty when he upped sticks for his ill-fated move to Crewe and was welcomed back by Ainsworth, I would imagine that the door must be ajar for a player of Harriman's quality and versatility to come back.

  • I think the key point is whether he is better than the players we currently have under contract. The squad is now probably large enough (excepting another keeper).

  • Surely we don’t need any more players?

    We’ve already got 8 first team standard defenders following yesterday’s signing of Darius Charles, some of whom won’t play that much football this season.

    I think Harriman’s a great player, probably better than Grimmer, but timing hasn’t worked in his favour unfortunately. His future has to now lie elsewhere and I wish him every success as he’s an excellent lower division footballer.

  • @ReadingMarginalista, Gareth said his key learning from Howard was to take the emotion out of a situation. He showed that marvellously with the Stewart case, and we've all benefited since.

    The Harriman situation is hard to judge. On the one hand, he'd become almost totally marginalised following McCarthy's terrific form.
    However, Gareth gave the impression a couple of player releases in the summer were done with a heavy heart.

    If McCarthy had been sold earlier, would we have kept Harriman?
    Similarly, if the new owners had come to the fore earlier, would we have kept him?
    Would Harriman have wanted to stay anyway?

    Hard to know really.

  • We have 2 players for every position at the back now so no way will he be back now.

  • I’m amazed Harriman hasn’t yet found a club. He’s a very good full back that should be at least playing at Lg 2 level

  • Pretty sure he turned a contract down, lots of rumours went round last season as to why he and Saunders both disappeared to different extents, if true it would explain why Harri turned down staying and why Saunders was completely frozen out.

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