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Graham Coughlan

His reaction above. Looks like a promising up and coming John Sheridan, what an absolute load of rubbish he speaks. Bristol Rovers were crap yesterday and if Jonson Scott Clarke-Harris doesn't fire this season, I expect and hope they will drop out the division.

"I thought we were the better team"

"We knew the clock would be run down".

"We knew the officals wouldn't act".

"We didn't want to get involved with a brawl with them".

"My heart was in my mouth"


  • Just a couple of quotes off the full sour grapes bingo there. It really is outrageous how Wycombe ran enough time off the clock to turn a silky 9-0 Rivers win into a dour 0-0. Poor Graham!

  • Living down here in weston super mare all I here from dillusional rovers fans is "your a cheating pub team".....well they must be shit if they can't beat us!

  • what a tool. watched on ifollow and Rovers had many players who were/are substandard for league 1.

    Yes, they had more chances than us, but if Pattison in the first half and grimmer in the second half had their shooting boots on we'd of won that game. Need Thomo back asap as Gape needs more room.

    Also one of worst refereeing performances i've seen for a while, wildly inconsistent.

    Bring on the franchise

  • I can’t recall a single incident of us β€˜running the clock down’. The only stoppages caused by Wycombe in the second half were when their players fouled Allsop and then El Abd. He even contradicts what he said about Wycombe by praising his own team’s fighting qualities and says β€˜we know what we are’.

  • Oh don’t get me wrong Allsop again completely embarrassed himself.

  • suprised bayo is playing 90 mins in 2 games

  • 2nd half of that interview, could have been GA post match interview. Lines like, "great spirit", "fighting qualities",etc .

  • @Malone said:
    Fidgety fool.

    Probably suffers with haemeroids!

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