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F.A.O. Mic Woodcock & Peter Woodward

I’ve just returned from holiday & have received my season-ticket in the post. In addition I’ve received 2 other people’s season-tickets as well.

The people concerned are Mic Woodward (Family Stand) and a junior in the Family Stand, Peter Woodward.
I’ll return these to the WW ticket office on Tuesday. Alternatively if you’d like to email me at [email protected] I may be able to drop them off if I’m going nearby between now & Tuesday. Please quote your seat number for security.

Incidentally someone’s probably got my lower tier car park pass which I haven’t received. Sadly this type of thing seems to happen every season!


  • Woodcock or Woodward, Andy?

    Car park passes are available to collect from the club shop

  • Mic Woodcock sounds like the kind of name that Bart Simpson would phone Moe's Tavern to speak to.

  • @AlanCecil 2 people with separate surnames: Mic Woodcock (Senior) & Peter Woodward (Junior). My error above referring to them both as Woodward in the text of the message.

  • There is a Mic/Mick Woodcock who is involved with the club scouts at the Methodist church in Downley. Lives at the Top of Telford way. Have seen him at Adam's Park, no idea if he is a season tkt holder. When I was in the Cubs in the late 70's he used wax lyrical about Lynex and Linekar at Filbert st. As he originally hails from Leicester.
    Must have been difficult for him in 2001 !!

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