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Flags outside Yates in Frogmoor

Good to see 2 large WW flags outside Yates bar in Frogmoor. Haven't noticed them before Who is responsible for this good piece of PR?


  • Gotta be the goalkeeper surely?

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  • That was my second thought!

  • Sorry @micra, we crossed there. Very astute and amusing!

  • The landlord is a decent chap, and a Villa fan. The Wanderers flags have appeared intermitingly over the last few years.
    Great place to watch live sport, can get a pint of lager for £2.70. And it's not full of the beard lice ridden warm beer suppers !!

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  • Thank you!

  • I think they've been there a while, pre-Couhig certainly.

    Not my favourite place, but fair play to them for flying the flag

  • edited August 9

    Indeed. Unlikely ever to have my custom since I prefer to drink myself into a middle-classed, middle-aged stupor in the privacy of my own home but would certainly be the tiebreaker if it came to it.

  • Hmmm I remember the sticky floors of the Litten Tree/Yates. Nothing "great" about it. Would rather miss the sport than watch it there but pleasing to know about the flags.

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