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Pitch dimensions

edited August 2019 in Football

Does anyone know if the Adams Park pitch has been narrowed even further for this season? I felt on Saturday that it seemed to be more congested on the pitch than usual, but that could just have been me remembering wrongly.


  • I wasn't there, but I thought on the highlights that the empty space between the family stand and touchline looked wider than before.

  • Is it true that you have to stick to the same sized pitch all season?

    Now we're changing the way we play a bit, with a lot of pacy runners across the forward line - I wondered if we actually would have widened the pitch a bit.

    Although I sometimes wonder how much difference a couple of metres either way actually makes.

  • I think it was already as small as the rules allow.

  • @Malone said:
    Is it true that you have to stick to the same sized pitch all season?

    Just checked the rules.

    Rule 13.2 states, "Clubs must register their pitch dimensions with The League prior to the start of each Season. It will be misconduct on the part of a Club to alter its pitch dimensions during a Season without the prior written consent of The League, which consent will only be given in exceptional circumstances. The League may at any time require a Club to submit a report from a qualified independent source certifying the pitch dimensions."

  • Funnily enough I asked a friend at the game if they thought the pitch was narrower too

  • and was he/she able to give you an intelligent answer? Welcome aboard.

  • Cheers micra. No they thought it was the same tbh! Looked like more room around the dugouts to me

  • Perhaps the pitch has been more bed over slightly towards the Frank Adams, with same dimensions?
    Has the goal at the home end been squared up this season? The posts were twisted all last season so if you stood in line with the goal line you could see the post nearest the Beechdean was a good few inches further back towards the home end than the post nearest the Frank Adams!

  • β€˜More bed’!! Moved over

  • Has bayo been widened since last season? A friend of mine thought so before he left as the football was awful.

  • Well that's got me thinking, as from my seat in the FA I did wonder if it looked a little narrower as there seemed to be more space. Mind you, if we keep on playing the long ball game, we'll need to stretch the pitch a bit and move the Terrace into West Wycombe!

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