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Broadcast coverage of games

So Phil C has just posted Bayo telling us every game this season will be on BBC 3CR 98fm. I live outside the transmission area (rubbish down into Oxfordshire). Whilst I know I should live in leafy Bucks, tell me is there any way to ‘con’ BBC iplayer etc into letting me listen via dab or some such 21 century mode?
Please don’t tell me to fork out for a radio subscription, following Wycombe from afar already costs me too much.


  • Don't know about the online possibility except that I've tried to get commentary via iPlayer before without success. However, I have a feeling I have accessed the FM broadcast for post-match talk at a frequency other than 98. This Wikipedia page - - suggests as much. Have a look at the "Transmitters" section and see if this might help.

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  • Thanks HCblue, no idea why the 👎 as I pressed the 👍!

  • So, the main broadcast usually starts at 2pm on a Saturday (earlier today because of Stevenage game KO 12pm) and the first hour of build up around the grounds is broadcast on all BBC3CR frequencies (103.8, 95.5, 98, DAB and online).

    Just before KO at 3pm the frequencies split to each individual game. Online cannot carry a live EFL match commentary due to licensing restrictions put in place by the EFL. If Borehamwood are playing, they are usually on 3CR online.

    HT is all on one frequency around the grounds and FT until 6pm it’s back on all frequencies for match reports, interviews and fan interaction.

    I’m my opinion, having every WW game on 98FM makes the most sense as this frequency covers the High Wycombe area but I appreciate that there will never be a solution that pleases everybody.

    Overall coverage of WW on 3CR has been improving year on year, not just commentaries but news and discussion too across the station. This can also be enhanced by fans interacting with the station, especially before/after games! Tweet/text/phone in etc.

    Twitter - @BBC3CR
    Text - 81333. Start your text with 3CR, then leave a space and continue your message as normal.
    Phone - 08081008800

  • I agree, it’s a huge improvement on last season at least. Who is on DAB this season Phil? Luton? I, like the original poster, would love to find a way to ‘cheat’ the restriction some how and manage to listen to the commentary via an app or website. Not today obviously, but for games that I can’t attend due to work.

  • @Gary Luton are indeed on DAB this season.

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