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Gareth Scouting Bolton

With Gareth commenting this week that it has been near impossible to do any scouting missions prior to the Bolton game.
I wonder if he has a contact in the north, or maybe even a Northern based fan who would go to where their team coach departs from, and take some pictures of the players as they board the bus !!
I know it sounds farcical, but im pretty sure during Gareth's reign he has never been in the position of having no idea who the opposition will field as he prepares to set the team up.


  • I don't believe that would be much help though. They are going to be stopping to pick-up all the hitch hikers they pass on route to make up the squad.

  • Genuinely tricky situation and Iā€™d completely overlooked the impossibility of including the usual player pen pictures in the matchday programme. Where I sit we tend to refer to that section quite a lot.

  • Judging by the sneak preview of the programme, they've managed to get 13 pen pics in. That's the extent of their squad list at the moment, apparently.

  • Then he can pass the information on to Phil Parkinson...

  • Bolton Wanderers' official website shows 7 first team, 4 U23 and 8 U18 players. 19 total, but one of the first team was in hospital this week and photographed with a protective boot on.

    League rules state that new player registrations must be submitted to and received by the league by 12.00 noon on the day prior to the date of a match for the player to be eligible to play. No sign of an announcement that the take over has been completed yet.

  • It's the site is not the best source it's possible the website people haven't been paid!!

  • They have been gradually removing player profiles from the site as players have left over the past few weeks.

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