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If this warm cosy feeling, looking forward with a cautious degree of optimism is what happens when we have new investors, I’m all for it, I know things will change but for now, bring it on.


  • 100% with you @yorkyblue. Not for me the non-league changing ends vision that some Gasroomers dream about.

  • Which ones are they then?

  • Obviously the situations at Bolton and Bury should give us all reason to pause. It is unprecedented that a football league club isn't in a fit state to start a new season, and moving out of fan-ownership makes such a situation far more likely here.

    But equally obviously, we're so far beyond the 'stop and think' stage now as to really make it a moot point. If we're going to follow every other fool football league club by living hopelessly beyond our means we may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

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