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Documentary on Fort Wiiliam FC tonight

Being shown on BBC Scotland (freesat 174 ) tonight at 10pm and hopefully on other platforms , this is a documentary about "Britains worst senior Football team " They finished bottom of the Highland League last season with a minus points total and conceding over 200 goals. However they have probably the most picturesque ground ! A must see for all real football fans .


  • Anyone know what number on Sky ? According to my listing bbc news is on every channel at 10 pm.

  • Every BBC Channel that is.

  • Same problem here. Only showing BBC News at 10pm.

  • Sky 457 @micra

  • I can't find it on Freeview but I am hoping I can watch it live on iPlayer, on the Scotland channel.

  • edited July 2019

    I typed "The Fort" into SKY Search and hey presto, 10pm Channel 457!

  • I missed out the definite article. “No matches found” (sic) but search 457 did the trick thanks @Vital.

  • Yes I should have said the programme is entitled "The Fort". So to sum up its on Sky 457 and Freesat 174 at 10pm tonight. By the way they lost their opening game of 19/20 6-0 on Saturday.

  • Excellent documentary, thanks for pointing it out @Mr67. Presumably available on iPlayer later.

    You have to admire the many volunteers who keep semi-pro clubs going, whether the results are going for you or not. Right now, not far from you, there is a struggling club who needs your help, not just football.

    Much as I enjoy our elevated status now, and the journey there, I do miss our non-league days. It was much more fun than now, especially the away days, more intimate, more satisfying.

  • Much more fun @Steve_Peart as much as anything because Wycombe were top dogs, scored lots of goals, won far more games than they lost and travel to away games was much easier and less expensive. There is more hassle nowadays and we worry about the future (of the world in general, never mind the little old football club) - something that barely crossed our minds 30 years ago.
    But we still get excited and there is much to look forward to at least in the shorter term.

  • It’s the variety. From a home defeat to the Met Police, to playing Liverpool in the Semi Final of the FA Cup in just over a decade. Still takes some believing.

  • Just watched the programme ,truly heartwarming and inspiring. A must see. Let's hope they have a reasonable season Come on The Fort !

  • They won tonight in a cup match 5-2 first win since 2017 !

  • Inverness CT loaning nine players to Fort might have something to do with that win!

  • I was lucky enough to go up to Fort William a couple of years back (they lost 5-1 but we cheered that goal like it was a cup final winner) and while the ground itself is pretty run down, the views are spectacular, probably the best of any ground in the UK. Really friendly bunch of people running the club too against huge odds. Incredible attention they're now getting but a just reward for those who have put so much work in.

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