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Josh Parker

What are people's thoughts? Will he/should he sign?


  • Not if we sign Fred surely?

  • That was my thinking. If nothing else, you wouldn't imagine we'd be able to afford the wages of both.

  • I guess McCarthy is on a fair whack, so if it's a player swap with Fred, then maybe Parker is not out of reach.. Having said that Parker has shown nothing in the games I have seen.. Would rather put that money towards a 'punt' with the young kid we were linked with at Bolton today..

  • His career scoring record is poor, although I'm not sure we'd see him as an out-and-out striker - he's capable of playing as a wide forward as well, among other positions, so perhaps more of a utility man. He did also play the full 120 minutes in the play-off final for Charlton. That said, I've not been convinced in the little I've seen of him in pre-season and he's already had 13 clubs (including loans) in a ten-year career, including two in Serbia - has he simply struggled to settle or is there more to it?

  • Fully agree with those sentiments @th100 although, to be fair, the evidence for doing so is based on seeing him (playing essentially left midfield) for 45 minutes against Brentford plus uneasiness about the itchy feet (and if that doesn’t invite a quip or two........).

  • Not sure he has the high energy game in him demanded by Gaz.

  • Just realised it was one club in Slovenia and one in Serbia (Red Star Belgrade, no less). So that's 13 clubs in four countries in ten years.

  • Looks to be an ideal candidate for Gareth to work on.

  • Shouldn’t really have to work too hard on a 28 year old @ValleyWanderer.

  • Bit past being worked on, has had more clubs than tiger woods !!!

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Bit past being worked on, has had more clubs than tiger woods !!!

    Professional golfers can carry 14 clubs in their bag, Josh Parker has had 13 clubs.

    Do the math.

  • I can picture @micra now, having a meltdown between giving a thumbs up for a good post or a thumbs down for saying "math".

  • Bit me finger @Jonny_King .

  • @micra said:
    Bit me finger @Jonny_King .

    I would vote it down @micra. It’s meant as a call-back joke to one of Richie’s posts (and the subsequent response) on the ‘Bury’ thread. The fact that I’ve had to explain that shows what a poor attempt at humour it was.

    It deserves all the opprobrium it gets.

  • No worries @Ned_Ludd. @Jonny_King and I go back quite a long way and have a similar sense of humour. I’m fully au fait with recent exchanges and enjoyed his failed ghost post on Signing #7 yesterday. And as a failed golfer I even enjoyed @rmjlondon’s club quip. He’s raised his game a little this season and I think I was one of the four approving thumbs, old chestnut notwithstanding!

  • @Ned_Ludd Feel like I've spoiled your joke, but now I understand it was a callback as well, I feel it needs even greater praise.

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