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WHC Score Prediction Contest. xxxxxxxxxx WIN A SIGNED SHIRT xxxxxxx. Bolton (h) predictions here

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thanks again to all of you who have already signed up for this.

Please post your predictions on this thread.

If you havent yet signed up, no worries, post your prediction and confirm you have (or will) pay and you are in.

Rules and scoring here

Did I mention prize for being top at end of season is a signed shirt kindly donated by the club!!!!



  • Wycombe 2 - Bolton 0

  • Wycombe 2 Bolton 2

  • @devc will you be calculating the points manually or plugging the predictions into a spreadsheet to automatically work everything out? If it would be helpful I could have a go at putting a spreadsheet together to do it?

  • Wycombe 3 Bolton 2

  • Wycombe 2 Bolton 1

  • It’s raining. Boris is PM. Despondency. Wycombe 1 Bolton 2.

  • Wycombe 2 - Bolton 1

  • @Manboobs said:
    It’s raining. Boris is PM. Despondency. Wycombe 1 Bolton 2.

    With a bit of luck, Larry will pee in Boris's cornflakes!

  • Wycombe 2 Bolton 1

  • Wycombe 2 Bolton 1

  • Thanks @Chris . I do it on a spreadsheet although obvs have to input predictions manually. The “if” command is a wondrous thing.....

  • Exactly what @Manboobs said.
    And the football is the least depressing factor at the moment. Although we may have won the first test by KO.

  • Wycombe 2-1 Bolton

  • Wycombe 2-1 Bolton, and I will pay.

  • Wycombe 3 Bolton 2

  • Postponed..

  • Wycombe 2 Bolton 0

  • Huzzah! Bozzers bright sunny future pays dividends (for the South only of course!!!) and the chairboys send the poverty stricken northerners packing with a 2-0 victory!!

  • 0 - 0 bore draw

  • Wycombe 1 - Bolton 1

  • 3-1, to the Wanderers!

  • @NorsQuarters said:
    3-1, to the Wanderers!

    That's cheating!

  • Donation now paid to Wycombe Homeless Connection, but I will wait until the match is confirmed as being on before entering a prediction.

  • @mooneyman said:

    @NorsQuarters said:
    3-1, to the Wanderers!

    That's cheating!

    I thought you could bet both ways! To the Old Bucks Boys then:)

  • Tough one this. I don't really sense the euphoria at being saved carrying them to an emotional victory that perhaps you would expect from Bolton. On the other hand I am not overly optimistic about the strength of our team. I think I'll do a Corbyn. Sit on the fence with a 1-1 draw and hope nobody notices that I don't know which way to lean.

  • Wycombe Wanderers 0 - 0 Bolton Wanderers

  • Thought for a moment @DevC was referring to the redoubtable Kirk who played 50 games at right back in the mid ‘80s. Never one to sit on the fence like Jeremy and Dev.

  • There will be goals in them there hills @Uncle_T .

  • 4 nil to Wycombe from me with a brace from Smyth one Fred on his return and Bayo getting the last for the old Fred!!! Yippee

  • Did mean to say though. The 9-1 odds on a Bolton win (have there ever been higher odds in favour of Wycombe for a league game) seems extraordinarily generous.
    Anyway back to the prediction league.....

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