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Not a bad game, both sides have had chances. Bayo looks well up for it, two good headers saved in quick succession. Some good touches and runs into the box from Smyth. Wonder if this is Gareth's preferred starting line up for next week, with McCarthy 'rested'. Decent turnout, probably around 1,000.


  • Thanks @NewburyWanderer - who started in midfield out of the four forwards?

  • Was it the same trialist up front?

  • @floyd said:
    Was it the same trialist up front?

    Josh Parker?

  • the game was absolute garbage from us, no quality whatsoever and a mass punch up at the end in the terrace and half of the thames valley police outside the ground at the end !!!

  • That really was very poor. It had such a pre season feel to it. Imagine much of the starting 11 was how we will start on the 3rd but we will definitely need to step up from that next weekend!

  • @Shev said:
    Thanks @NewburyWanderer - who started in midfield out of the four forwards?

    Smyth on the right, Kashket on the left. Bayo and Samuel front two.

  • edited July 2019

    I still don't think there's much point reading anything into it. Typical pre-season game. Maidenhead seemed quite up for it, we weren't - but it's not about being 'up for it' in pre-season. Another good run-out for most of the squad, no one got injured, and Paul Smyth is bloody brilliant.

    Now for the real stuff.

  • @Shev Bayo and Samuel up top, Kashket and Smyth wide, in the first half at least. Thought the first half was OK, no goals but a few decent bits of play from both sides. Not much to shout about second half, lots of changes. Thought Giles Philips did well at right-back second half. Disappointed with Alex Samuel, didn't seem quite himself, and missed a good chance second half.

    What was the punch-up all about then? Wycombe singing contingent conspicuous by their absence (vocally at least).

  • @thedieharder Yes, looks like Josh Parker came on again second half.

  • No injuries, happy days. Tyson got crocked here for months a year ago.

  • Cheers @th100 and @NewburyWanderer - it is going to be interesting to see how things go with the forward this year. I expect Smythe to end up being the first forward on the team sheet as the season goes, hopefully pushing Kashket's development too. I have a feeling Bayo will combine well with the wee lad also.

  • Hooray @rmjlondon is back!

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Hooray @rmjlondon

    Are you Richie's fan club secretary now?

  • We’re always pleased to see Richie’s back.

  • And your his fan club's Treasurer!

  • I was worried someone had taken over his account and started posting aguely positive stuff to upset him. I was pleased to see normal Richie service had been resumed that's all @mooneyman .

  • I think we’ve all got a touch of the ague.

  • Vaguely we have @micra ?

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