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Maidenhead Beer & Cider Festival - 26th July! Free entry to Match-Goers

Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that if you are attending the Maidenhead v Wycombe Friendly on the 26th July, we would love to welcome you to CAMRA's Maidenhead Beer + Cider festival, which is held down the road at Desborough Collage!

If you would like to come along, we can offer you Free entry!

Further details:

Hope to see some of you there, and have a great day!


  • It was great the last time I went, shame there's no public transport back to Wycombe after, as I'd be well up for it.

  • Any teetotallers/restrained drinkers up for car sharing?

  • It’s a lengthy journey but you can get a train from Maidenhead to Bourne End then a bus to Wycombe from there. Worth checking where the bus starts from as it could be nearer Maidenhead.

  • Ah, but then Mr @glasshalffull Mr @micra Then has to negotiate the tricky climb from the centre of High Wycombe to the lofty climates of Widmer End! A tricky problem indeed!

  • I think working out the vagaries of train and bus timetables after an hour or three at the beer festival is a challenge too far on its own

  • I’d no intention of going personally. Just trying to facilitate something for others.
    I don’t do distant away games (least of all Friendlies) but I shall be at the Brentford game on Saturday as we have the opportunity to meet Gareth and the players afterwards.

  • I did try to go via Bourne End, last one at 8.43 according to the 37 timetable

  • Sharp exit from the ground - take the 21:46 train to Marlow - alight at Bourne End - quick top up in the Walnut Tree and catch the 22:53 bus (35) to the Chairboys Metropolis

  • @micra - "Distant" away game... in Maidenhead! I take back what I've just said on the Cricket World Cup thread - you are senile.

  • Just irony old chap. Doooh.

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