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Pre-season friendly: Berkhamsted 1 Barnet 5

If pre-season friendlies get any earlier they’ll be in the previous season. Tonight, Berkhamsted of the Southern League, played host to National League Barnet.

Barnet started with their full-strength side and both teams had a chance to open the scoring in the first couple of minutes. After 6 minutes Jack Taylor opened the scoring and further goals by Jack Taylor & Shaq Coulthurst (2) saw Barnet lead 4-0 at half-time.

A Lewis Toomey goal put Berkhamsted on the scoresheet but Medi Elito restored the four-goal margin for Barnet. This signalled a mass substitution & despite several chances the game finished 5-1. A nice way to start the season for the 236 crowd (about 150 from Barnet). Wycombe will have a tough friendly on Saturday at the Hive.


  • Plymouth lost to Truro 1-0 😂😂

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  • He! He! (That doesn’t look right but you know what I mean. It’s a kinda sniggering ha ha.)

  • I know we like our footie but do Pre season games start too early ? Do players get a long enough break and does playing too many games increase the chance of injury before the season even starts ? Is there a date before which games cannot be played?

  • Personally I think its ridiculous, and gets earlier every year, it's the beggining of July ffs ! I think it's a football conspiracy to totally do away with the cricket season !!

  • Pre season games don't count as part of the football season do they?

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  • There used to be a date when preseason started and you couldn't play friendlies before that date don't know if that still exists The existence of play offs I think skews the season as the regular season ends early May and so starts early August. In my opinion it's needs to be mid /late May and mid / late August so you you have a more natural break from domestic football for the whole of June and July

  • I must admit, valuable as they are for fitness, confidence, testing out new players, etc etc I have little interest in non-competitive games.

  • Chance to run the rule over new players and on Saturday week (20th) to meet them after the match against our old friends from Griffin Park. 500 Club perk. Perks and parks, bucks and Berks, Hibs and Hearts.....

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  • Unless I have missed it both virtual and paper editions of our wonderful local rag have not mentioned our new signing. Bring back Stuart Earp and Michael Knox.

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