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  • South Hill chip shop in Holmer Green has for many years been only too happy to help have posters and fixtures lists up there, and they will always keep my custom as a result. The chips are also first rate, but that's by the by.

    I still have a couple of posters from 1991/92 that you used to see EVERYWHERE in and around the town, including folks' living room windaes. Very simple design that looked strong, still do. Would be happy to try and get some up and around my current stomping ground.

  • Have to agree about the chips at South Hill. Superb, my favourites by a country mile.

  • Will give’m a try @EwanHoosaami.

  • Have since read the poster announcement. Telegraph pole outside is tempting but I suppose I need permission from BT. I pay them a small fortune for super fast broadband, landline etc and have killed the ivy growing up their pole so a deal should be as easy as falling off a log.

  • What neck of the woods are you in @micra ?

  • Brimmers Hill, Widmer End. Quite a few passing pedestrians.

  • Surely GB Foods would put one in the window?

  • If there is one I can paste to the dog...

  • it's a great initiative this one. I too remember the days when the fixture posters were seemingly on display in every shop you went into in Wycombe and the surrounding villages. And in a fair few houses as well.

    Glad to read that there's been significant interest - it's a really simple way of establishing a presence in the town again and creating some interest off the back of it.

  • Agree with you there @eric_plant. Sadly, as I live in a cul-de-sac, just round the corner from @micra, the only ones passing are the neighbours at the end, as I'm the last but one & he is an out and out Spurs fan.

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