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Fixtures out

Bolton at home on the opening day. Stanley away last game. Typically both Fleetwood and Blackpool away are Tuesday nights. Nice trip to Pompey for Boxing Day, though^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author



  • Presumably, now the fixtures are sorted, whatever happens to Bury (and I hope they survive), there'll be no reprieves for anyone?

  • Is there a single screen list anywhere yet online?

  • Thanks @Twizz

    The club hype for the fixture release hasn't been matched by the posts on here yet. It seems we are playing everyone home and away.

  • It does get the juices flowing a bit though doesn't it?

    Really good opening fixture that, bigish club that I don't think we've ever played before have we?

    Good time to play them too, as you would imagine they're only going to get stronger once they've got their financial issues behind them.

  • Christmas and New Year looks tough!

  • Sunderland away in mid Jan could be tasty!

  • Perfect for some North Sea skinny-dipping.

  • I can’t help but feel that Bolton have been sent to us on the opening day as a β€˜welcome to L1’ gift, but it works out great for us. Plenty of time to market the game, no reason why we shouldn’t get 8500+ in. It should also nicely overshadow all the β€˜bucks derby’ nonsense that attends the second home game.

    Not a bad opening month, is 10 points or more too optimistic?

  • @floyd Can't see us getting anywhere near 8,500 for Bolton. First-day crowds at home have been poor for us for a number of seasons now - I think, with us being predominantly a 'family' club, family summer holidays tend to take their toll. Usually takes until well into September for our crowds to start climbing.

  • Last season against Blackpool was reasonable though, to be fair.

  • I know it’s a tough time of year to get people in, but 2000 (ish) season ticket holders and maybe over 2000 Bolton fans will help. I would imagine we’ll give them at least some of the Main Stand. And the club have got six weeks to get creative selling tickets.

  • 8,500 Flloyd?! Are you mad?

    Sunderland, a far bigger club was 8,422 and that was with us giving them 2,700+

  • What’s June for if not optimism? I think with the right promotion and marketing around the town it’s not out of the question. Who’d have thought we’d get nearly Β£50K in the first week of the 500 club.

  • edited June 2019

    Ipswich Town away is scheduled during a FIFA international break, so I guess there is a likelihood of that getting switched to a mid-week match.

    Other matches scheduled during FIFA international breaks are Lincoln City home, Tranmere Rovers away, Shrewsbury Town away.

  • October is the toughest month on paper, in my opinion - Peterborough, Ipswich, Sunderland, Blackpool, Rotherham. Though we get four of those in January too.

  • Bolton at home first game is superb. Hope Accrington make special arrangements to allow extra capacity for our promotion party!

  • That’s more like it @LX1

  • that looks like a good run-in too. Got to think that a good few of those clubs will be around us if we are floating near the bottom.

    Wonder what the formula for it is - we had the reverse Pompey fixture on the exact same weekend in september last season.

  • It'd be interesting to understand the exact details of how it works.
    I expect some of us have read that bbc summary, of how all teams are "paired" with some other team to work them through.

    But how do we get 4 games against Fleetwood and Blackpool midweek.
    How and why is that worked out like that?

  • @Malone said:

    But how do we get 4 games against Fleetwood and Blackpool midweek.
    How and why is that worked out like that?

    I believe the EFL now tries to maximise attendances by putting local games on Saturdays, and the real long slogs with lower away attendances on Tuesday nights.

    It's a real grind and deeply unfair for the die hards, but it probably makes sense financially.

    Better to have a packed stadium on a Saturday for games against the likes of Oxford rather than missing out on a lot of revenue because its on a Tuesday night.

  • There are various articles online about the way all this is calculated depending on how much detail you want, Malone.

    In terms of Tuesday night games, I think it was largely switched around a few years ago. Used to be localish games to minimise inconvenience. Now tends to be switched to making the longer trips Tuesday as not many people would go to those whenever they are played.

    So for example if say 600 would go to Coventry on a Sat and 400 on a Tuesday and 300 go to Blackpool on Saturday and 200 on a Tuesday, by scheduling Cov on sat and Blackpool on Tues, total attendance is 800, doing it the other way around total attendance is 700.

    Arguable whether you agree the logic but I understand that is how it is done.

  • I think we probably all understood the point without you having to make up numbers

  • At least the old ifollow can get a wheel out for those midweek aways.
    Although by sods law there will be some reason they aren't available.

  • Isn’t there some kind of symbolism in the Bolton fixture? The two Wanderers in the division, but completely at the opposite ends of the spectrum in almost every other possible way - size, fanbase, history (not that I'm not intensely proud of our record as amateurs and in non-league) and, dare I say it, financial prudence?

  • That Accrington game on the last day of the season looks a bit awkward to get to if the ko really is at 12 noon as it appears to say on the fixture list. It would mean a very early start on the Sunday morning. I suppose it must be to do with TV schedules - unless I'm missing something obvious as usual.

  • Too far to celebrate promotion on the pitch alongside Bayo, Blooms and [loan gem we haven’t signed yet]?

  • How is it that AFC Wimbledon sit above Accrington in an alphabetical list?

  • @Twizz - In their Premiership table Arsenal and Aston Villa sit above AFC Bournemouth

  • In the Premier League too.

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